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Something amusing exists about a bunch of rich, tweedy folk on the Upper East Side sitting and talking amongst themselves about the horrible smell that has taken over their lives. Could it be one of the servants? Perhaps that fellow who takes out the laundry? Maybe grandmummy? Did we forget to check her for a pulse last week?

Alas, the Grand Mystery Of The Upper East Side Waft Of Rank was solved, and it turned out to be some rotting dead fish. As much as people were relieved that it wasn't a dead person, they still kept their priorities in order:

"I thought it was a terrible smell and I immediately thought of how Sean felt about it," said Mary Ann Crenshaw, an owner of a public relations company. She was referring to Sean Connery, the actor, who lives nearby. "I said, 'Oh, my God,' and I wondered if Sean Connery still likes to live in this neighborhood."

Ah. Upper East Side. God love 'em. Somebody has to.—WL

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