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It seems that E! has removed the section of the "Watch With Kristin" column that we linked to earlier, in which she claimed that Tom Cruise had a "meeting" with Jessica Alba (and had "placed a call or two" to Jennifer Garner) before falling truly, madly, deeply in love with Katie Holmes. We have no idea why the item was so hastily disappeared (why do we immediately picture one of Cruise's lawyers musing about what it would be like to own an entire cable channel?), but we have the full text of the deleted section after the jump:

Brace yourself, for this is truly shocking: I just heard that Tom Cruise is dating Katie Holmes. Who knew?!

Oh, right. Everyone. It even says so on the T-shirts. But there may be more to the story.

Normally, I would leave such love-life "poop" (as he would call it) to our pillow-talking Teddy C., but frankly, I can't resist, for it involves not one but three of the TV goddesses I've worshipped over the years: Dawson's' Joey Potter, Dark Angel's Max and Alias' Sydney Bristow.

You may have seen that report in Us Weekly that before Tom Cruise started dating Katie Holmes, he had a list of other "potential" girlfriends. A T-list, if you will. Sounds ludicrous, I know, and Katie's rep told the mag it was "outrageous and untrue." Still, here's a little story that might make you go "Hmmm..."

According to sources close to Jessica Alba and boyfriend Cash Warren, before Tom and Katie became the latest It couple, Cruise's reps called Jessica to request a meeting. Assuming it was about a movie role, she met him at his house, where he talked about his life, house, cars, kids—everything except an onscreen partnership. (And apparently the amore audition list goes on—my buddy Ted's got some dirt involving Tommy-boy and one Sofia Vergara that's, well, crazy.)

Jennifer GarnerCruise's rep could not be reached for comment, but if Alias sources are correct, it seems he may have a thing for TV's butt-kicking babes, not to mention impeccable taste, for word is, he also placed a call or two to the girl we love and adore, Jennifer Garner. Makes sense, after all, since JJ Abrams has said Tom initially chose him to direct Mission Impossible: 3 after watching the first two seasons of Alias on DVD. Seems he's something of a fellow Alias fan (and therefore, clearly, a very smart man).

Too bad Jennifer was otherwise engaged with Ben. Well, not too bad for her, actually—sources tell me the pair are still perfectly happy and perfectly smitten.

Bottom line, obviously no one can tell you what's going on in the mind of Tom Cruise. (Certainly not this tube-obsessed twit who's loved him since his Risky undies.)

And really, even if he did have a list of celebrity crushes, who doesn't?

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