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In this edition: Joan Rivers, Christina Aguilera, Calvin Klein, John Waters, Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams, Seal and Heidi Klum, Ashley Olsen, Lizzie Grubman, Steven Soderbergh and Jules Asner, Matt Damon, Hillary Swank and Chad Owen, Kate Winslet, Uma Thurman, Nicky Hilton, Adrian Grenier, Peter Dinklage, Rufus Wainright, Anderson Cooper, Rachel Dratch, Ed Helms, Steven Van Zandt, Joan Allen, David Caruso, Gilbert Gottfried, Bill Hemmer, Blythe Danner, Doug E. Fresh, and assorted Backstreet Boys.

6/7 saw an old, made-up Joan Rivers dropping off her urine at our gynecologist office.


I was sitting on steps of Met Sunday afternoon (6/5). Noticed a girl in cute pants walking down the stairs, it was Christina Aguilera, in all of her marilyn monroe blond glory. Was holding hands with her boyfriend and had 3 bodyguards in tow carrying the Met bags..she must have bought tons of stuff. Very petite and just as done up on a Sunday afternoon as she is in pictures...She loves the red lipstick.

Spotted Calvin Klein entering and exiting a building in the West Village last Wednesday. A black BMW pulled up on the sidewalk by said address at 6pm...a few minutes later, Calvin jumped out of the backseat, wearing a lavender button-down shirt and jeans. He darted into the building and emerged outside again, about 30 minutes later. The black BMW was waiting for him across the street, at W. 4th St and Perry. Calvin hopped into the back seat and drove off.


tuesday (6/7) i was at metro pictures and overheard someone laughing at the mike kelly collages. i turn to see that it is john waters. he approached the front desk most likely to inquire about purchasing one of the perverse pieces. he was carrying a rainbow striped bag.

Saw Heath Ledger and his supposedly pregnant girlfriend Michelle Williams at "The Pillowman" on June 2. As they sat down next to us, my friend leaned over to say, "This guy could pass for Heath Ledger." Upon closer observation I informed her that "that IS Heath Ledger." He looked grungy; kept his hat on and head down low until the house lights went down. She was extremely thin, dressed down in jeans and All Stars with black framed glasses. He spent a lot of the show canoodling her while she stayed focused on the play.

On a quick errand to buy my boss a birthday treat, spotted Heidi Klum, her baby, her mother and Seal on the corner of Bedford & Carmine. They seemed to be just out for a stroll with baby (adorable)...pretty unassuming, but hard to miss as Heidi and Seal are tall and glam-looking, plus there was some jerk standing directly in front of them trying to get a picture of them on his camera phone. She is very preggers and absolutely stunning, and I have to admit, he doesn't look bad either!

@ Bread on Spring Street last weekend we had just finished dinner when we were abruptly asked to leave. I thought it was sort of rude, so I started walking quickly to the front of the restaurant and practically knock over this tiny girl - it was Ashley Olsen! Not the anorexic one, this one looked more healthy. Behind her was this posse of bleached blond kind of skanky girls, but no bodyguard. She came up right to my boobs, and I'm not even that tall.

last night, 6/9, i'm waiting on 86th St. between 2nd and 1st for my little bus to take me closer to home. i see this bobble-headed woman, literally a twig with a push up bra and huge head walk into the liquor/wine store, and as i chuckled to myself at her ridiculous body, who do i see trailing behind her but one Lizzie Grubman, who apparently sent her friend into to pick up the booze on the way to God knows where. Lizzie whipped out a Swarovski-encrusted Sidekick and was glued to it for ages until the friend came out. She did, however, stop and offer a light when some street woman asked her for one.

Walked past Steven Soderberg and Jules Asner walking hand in hand on 22nd just before 6th ave 6/10 afternoon. They looked great together I have to admit. jules is beautiful and steven isn't half-bad either. i blurted out out "love you both" and they seemed surprised someone recognized them and thanked me. no no, thank U.

I spied Matt Damon on Bedford and Houston Tuesday night around midnight. He was walking with what seemed a small group of friends. He was holding the hand of someone who was conspicuously not Ben Affleck. He's got a great bubble but.

on tuesday evening i had a dogs-tangled-up moment with 2-time oscar winner hilary swank & her hubby chad lowe, on the corner of bleecker & w10. i was coming from the hair salon, where i had been admiring a photo of ms. swank in a recent issue of 'people' wearing a gorgeous vintage couture chanel gown at cannes. on the street, however, i was surprised by her attire which looked more like vintage old navy. wardrobe aside, she is really very pretty and natural light makes her much less angular than hollywood lighting. chad was spoting a buzz cut and looked rather handsome too. anyways - tell me something: why is it that celebs always have these funky looking pound dogs?!?

Held the front door of Chelsea Market (9th Ave & 15th St) open for Kate Winslet & her 2 kids. Second time in 2 weeks I've seen her there... probably headed to the Starbucks across the street.

6/9 Uma Thurman sitting in first row on an American flight JFK to LAX. My girlfriend and I noted she's even more stunning without Ethan's dirty little hoo-ha inside of her.

I saw Nicky Hilton, avec entourage, chilling in a banquette next to the dance floor at Marquee on May 31. She was much prettier in person than she is in pictures but looked really bored.

Saw Adrien Grenier on his cell phone walking south on Ave. B on Sunday.

Saw Peter Dinklage outside a bar on W. 4th smoking a cigarette with some friends.

On 6/7 saw Rufus Wainwright crossing 59th and Madison looking very scruffy and wearing large Jackie O sunglasses.

Anderson Cooper, 6/8/05, at 9:20 am. On the B train, heading uptown. He got on the train at Bryant Park, and got off at Columbus Circle. He had a bunch of newspapers to read, and he skipped right through the NY Times and started reading USA Today. Surprisingly handsome, very well-dressed, and very, very gay.

Saw Rachel Dratch (of SNL) on the corner of 15th and Irving, Monday around 7p. Generally unkempt, short, and lacking that goofball grimace she sports on the show. Instead, she looked totally pissed, but then so did everyone else having been caught in that random downpour.

Saw The Daily Show s Ed Helms on my block, West 43rd between 9th and 10th Ave, on Monday afternoon (6/6). He was wearing a blue polo shirt, blue jeans and an orange school backpack. He had bad posture and a goofy, happy expression on his face. He looks exactly like he does on television.

On my way to work in midtown 9am, cross 5th avenue and there's an emerald green jaguar convertible stopped at the light. Notice the car first and then looked to see who was driving? Little Steve of the E Street band and Sopranos. He was wearing a bandana and looked Jersey Tough. All I could think of was Bono saying " Artists against Apartheid !"

Last night (tues, 6/7), I was jogging in Riverside Park when I did a triple-take at some girl's great calf-length, army-green linen skirt and white-tank top combo. Looked up and realized it was Joan Allen, walking a tea-cup-sized dog. Body is amazing—we're talking sinewy arms and ballerina-bone chest—but face looks tired and wrinkly.

6/8 - saw David Caruso on line at the pharmacy counter at Duane Reade on 70th and Broadway. He was with a woman friend of his (she was picking up a rx). He was wearing a baseball hat and sunglasses. He looked better than I would have guessed. I stood behind them in line for about 5 minutes. He smiled at me and nodded as if to say, "yes, it's me, Horatio Caine."

Last night, we saw Gilbert Gottfried wearing a mint-green shirt in the window of a very loud Mexican restaurant, and then we went to Park instead because we hoped it would be less noisy (d'oh!) and Graham Norton was holding court at a very large table full of very loud and seemingly-drunk middle-aged-persons.

Friday (6/3), I saw Bill Hemmer roll out of Scoop NYC looking exceedingly attractive... I remember reading he was quite religious and conservative and down-home so it struck me as odd he was being all metrofashionable and shopping amongst the gays and liberal hipsters... but what do I know, I'm just visiting from LA...

On 6/7/05 around 7:30pm - I went to have drinks/dinner for the first time at Spotted Pig in the West Village. Blythe Danner (Meet The Fockers, Gwyneth's mom) brushed by me to leave the restaurant while I was standing at the door waiting for a table. She looked good except her hair was a tad out of control. Must have been the heat!

saw Doug E Fresh in the elevator @ 39 w. 19th on his way to an audition. he's one funny mofo.

Saw Kevin Richardson from the Backstreet Boys, with (or possibly being accosted by) younger blonde woman and someone who looked like her mother, last night near the Red Flame diner on 44th & 6th. I was just checking him out 'cause he was a tall, good-looking dude, but he did the whole "dear-god- don't-look-at-me-because -I'm-famous" move. Chill, Kevin; I'm not going to scream and throw my underwear at you. You know, unless you get me drunk first and ask nice.

I saw Backstreet Boy Brian (the one with the heart condition?) in Bryant Park with his wife and adorable toddler son, who was pushing the stroller on his own. The kid bumped the stroller into a woman's leg and Brian apologized, and made the kid apologize as well. He and his wife are VERY VERY blonde and much, MUCH shorter than I ever expected. They seemed generally nice and down to earth, dressed down and staying in the shade...

June 9th- while eating at Ruby Foo's midtown, Kevin Richardson and AJ Maclean of the Backstreet Boys were seated right next to me. With them were Kevin's wife and either AJ's or Kevin's mother. I seemed to be the only one to notice or care in the restaurant