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A Gawker spy forced to attend last night's Entertainment Weekly party had a pleasant surprise, being so fortunate as to directly overhear a poor reporter try to interview Sex and the City alum and local dipsomaniac Chris Noth. When asked what he doesn't like about fame, Mr. Big stammered for a moment before answering, "Gawker!" OMG, he knows our name?

Why, whatever could we have done to become a blurry blip on Noth's radar?

Apparently, Noth is onto us — when we said that he stammered, we actually meant that it was pretty clear that Noth had heard of Gawker but pretended to have no clue what it was. (Honestly, us too. We write, remember some of it, and the rest is a big old blur.) So, when asked about the downside of celebrity life, Noth paused, made some thinking noises, and said, "This internet thing, some website named... [enter pause and wistful look to the top of the press tent] Gawker." We can imagine his delivery; no wonder Carrie was swooning!

Anywhoo, Mr. Big was seemingly very peeved that a Gawker Stalker took a random pic of him on the subway (we really just found the photo on Flickr, but whatever), and in said picture, he appeared to be wearing slippers. Noth was incredulous about the matter: "They tried to say I wear slippers on the subway. What is that about?" He then went into great detail about the angle of the picture, and made a point of how he clearly, clearly was not decked out in slippers, but it was the random woman next to him.

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