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Dear Bill Keller:

Like all good New Yorkers, we try to live our lives as the Times tells us to, seeing only the movies Tony Scott likes, reading only the books Michiko approves, and overhearing only the imagined conversations between world leaders Tom Friedman tells us we should.

So after this weekend, while we appreciate being alerted that there's a new Brooklyn — who knew? — we can't help but be confused: Is straight vs. gay now (as Sunday Styles said) a totally blurred line, something no one cares about anymore? Or is it (as the magazine argued) the biggest wedge issue in America, with thousands of right-wing activists determined to protect their children from exposure to this perversion?

We'll be waiting in the closet until you (or public editor Byron Calame) can clear this up for us. Thanks.

Love (platonically, of course),

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