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On Friday, we published an account of actor Chris Noth's conversation at the Entertainment Weekly party, much of which revolved around his distaste for Gawker and, more importantly, our inaccuracy when discussing whether or not he wears slippers on the subway. Our response to Noth's conversation prompted one impassioned email (universal [sic] applicable) that really hit home:

I am VERY angry with your publication. NOT only do you spread nasty, vicious gossip about people you insult them by calling them names.

You referred to Chris Noth as a DIPSOMANIAC, in your latest article entitled "may-ride-the-subway-but-certainly-not-in-slippers". You are all a HUGE bunch of idiots. If you took your heads out of your asses and placed them on your shoulders where they belong then you would see that Mr. Noth is a very intelligent person who knows more about literature, politics and life then you're ENTIRE staff put together.

You know what? This angry reader is right and we, the purveyors of evil, were very, very wrong. One need only look at the above image, which was taken at the very event where Noth expressed his dislike of Gawker, to see that contrary to our earlier claim, Chris Noth is not a dipsomaniac. He just looks trashed.

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