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In today's LAT, Hollywood jill-of-all-trades Amanda Scheer Demme describes her vision for the "revamped" Roosevelt Hotel and the three new hotspot bars (the Tropicana, the Lobby Bar, and the upcoming Teddy's) housed under its historic roof:

"I think it needs to be about really great, interesting people," she says. "I want to create a crowd, the ultimate mix. I want it where you have musicians and painters and photographers and young and old and Eastside rockers and Westside whatever and I want fashion people. I want New York. That's kind of what I grew up with."

Sounds incredible, doesn't it? LA's various factions come together to create a utopia of Serious Talks About Art, The Industry, and Indie Bands while getting Giddily Shitfaced at the hotel's tripartite liquor stations! Unfortunately, we couldn't even get deep enough into our mental vacation to face our inevitable and shameful rejection by the doorman, for the piece had already defined the "really great, interesting" people we might meet by the pool bar:

But when opening night arrives, three weeks ago, Demme's fears prove unfounded. From an invitation list she put at "40 or so," the poolside crowd swells to 300, including Hollywood types such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Lindsay Lohan and Eva Mendes.

There is a bright side in this: With the three different venues and the multiple restrooms servicing them, the chances that you'll be stuck waiting for Lohan to finish her important stall-based business (She does seems to go a lot, doesn't she? Maybe her body's eaten her bladder for sustenance.) are greatly reduced, thus minimizing the time you have to spend in line with the "interesting" people who keep trying to cadge some of your blow.