No, Tom and Katie didn't get married on Letterman last night. But — and we're as shocked about this as you are — we weren't wrong that the Late Show staff was judge-shopping yesterday afternoon.

Dave announced on the show last night that Judge Larry Block, of the New York State Supreme Court, was standing by in the green room, "and if need be, he would be happy to marry Tom Cruise tonight." (Of course, the only Judge Larry Block we can find is on the Federal Claims Court in Washington, but we'll give Dave the benefit of the doubt.)

'Late Show': We Weren't Wrong


But, though there was a judge, there was no Katie. And, hence, no wedding.

We've got a few more judge-and-Tom pics after the jump.


We were also disappointed to see that Tom remained (relatively) calmly seated in his chair for the duration of the interview.

'Late Show': We Weren't Wrong

There was no jumping on chairs, just a quick moment of shaking hands with the audience, caught as the show returned from commercial.

'Late Show': We Weren't Wrong

We were a little bored, frankly, without the Tom histrionics we've grown to rely on. Still, Judge Block managed to have a good time.

'Late Show': We Weren't Wrong

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