• Nationally renowned psychiatry expert Dr. Tom Cruise goes on Today show, having clearly forgotten to take his own meds.
Time's guerrilla marketing continues to fail to impress.
Hipsters head north; yuppies head further north.
• Kathy Hilton's reality show debuts, sucks.
It was the gayest week ever at Gawker. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
• Of course celebrities are special. Even your brain cells think so.
• There's nothing wrong with Maxim. Other than everything that was wrong with it in the first place.
• Find New York ATM-emptyingly expensive? Turns out there are 12 cities even worse.
Chicago Tribune publishes list of country's 50 best magazines, reminding you why you don't pay attention to Midwesterners in the first place.
• And how would we have made it through the week without Lindsay Lohan?