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When you feel like your favorite celebrities' lives are spinning out of control and you're looking for something to hold on to, something with meaning, do what our favorite celebublogger Rosie O'Donnell does and turn to art.

At right, O'Donnell's layered scraps and usage of collage recalls the prominence of post-modernism in the 60s, perhaps an indication of Rosie's internalized desire to "look back" and rediscover her childhood? Self-discovery is the obvious thematic element, but the usage of largely black and white photographs in the collage once again recalls an attention to the past. The antiquated automobile drives away from the viewer, on an off-kilter road towards Tom Cruise. Here Rosie articulates the folly of her late 90s on-camera persona of Tom Cruise's #1 Fan, yet still offers to rescue the movie star. She speaks to Cruise: "Find yourself, Tom! Find yourself!"

On an aesthetic level, her usage of modernist collage recalls the work of Duchamp and even Picasso — but rather than reflect on the injustices of war, or the absurdity of modern communication, O'Donnell's gaze is focused on the current Tom and Katie drama. Visual poetry, indeed.

Auction at Christie's next month.

t3 [Rosie's Flickr via P666]