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Not that anyone should doubt the sincerity of Russell Crowe's Post-Concierge-Bashing Televised Redemption Tour, but now we're understanding the actor's impulse to launch into operatic soul-searching each time someone points a camera at him. Page Six reports that in addition to the previously-documented phone-tossing antics, Crowe also demonstrated his proficiency in the hurling of decorative ceramics and a flair for hard-boiled dialogue. Oh, and there's a video tape of the whole thing:

After clipping Estrada in the head, the Oscar-winning actor also picked up a ceramic vase and hurled it at Estrada, a source said. "It could have killed him." [...] Two fellow staffers were watching, and the entire episode was videotaped. One source familiar with the tape said, "It's all there. After throwing the vase, he takes a bow like he's just completed a performance on stage and then he takes a karate stance." [...] According to the source, "Crowe says, 'What's your name?' He says, 'Josh.' Crowe says, 'Well, Josh, I'm coming down right now to kick your ass.' When he got to the lobby, he said, 'Are you Josh?' He wanted to make sure he was assaulting the right person. Then he threw the phone."

Crowe's conscientiousness in making sure that his rage over inadequate customer service was directed at the proper target should score him some points in court. Crowe's a pro. He's not going to amateurishly waste a good throttling on an innocent maid or bellhop after the dramatic delivery of that Oscar-caliber ass-kicking line.