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In this edition: Natasha Lyonne, Jeff Goldblum, Meg Ryan, Rip Taylor, Elijah Wood, Yoko Ono, Spike Lee, Mickey Rourke, Heath Ledger, Hillary Swank and Chad Lowe, Sean Lennon, Freddie prinze Jr. and Michelle Gellar, Willem Dafoe, Fran Drescher, Juliette Lewis, Janeane Garofalo, Jimmy Fallon, Josh Hartnett, Ali G, Paul Rudd, Matt Dillon, Elizabeth Berkeley, Norah Jones, Corey Feldman, ADrock, Ja Rule and John Legend.

i had a celebtastic Friday 6/24. on my way out of rite aid on 2nd ave in the e village, i passed Natasha Lyonne on her way in. she looks horrible, i must say. total skin and bones. but she's still got the raspy voice, which, coming out of her emaciated body, is quite disconcerting. then, at pastel nail salon on 3rd ave, i saw Molly Ringwald getting a pedicure. she had her (hot) husband and adorable daughter with her. i was thisclose to asking if she was getting "pretty in pink" nailpolish.

It was a good night last night at the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Right before the show started, I spotted Jeff Goldblum sitting front and center looking very good in a dark shirt and glasses. He is an excellent theater-goer, laughing and clapping enthusiastically at the (terrific) show. My bf nudges me midway through the performance and points out the equally gorgeous and appreciative Meg Ryan sitting at the end of our row. Her hair looked fantastic as did her boho skirt. Heady with excitement, we hit the street after the show, when we saw the evening's best sighting yet: swathed in a white mumu, walking down 50th street, none other than Rip Taylor. It was almost too much.

Walking on west 4th away from the Pride Parade, saw Elijah Wood sitting outside at a restaurant. Didn't expect him to look as cute as he did. Curious though, close enough to the marching gays, yet far enough away not to raise any eyebrows. That boy has a good publicist...

Sunday evening (June 26) I was walking through Strawberry Fields on my way out of central park, just near "imagine" when who do I see coming towards me heading into the park but Yoko Ono herself. Wearing her favorite really large sunglasses and accompanied by a small entourage. As you might imagine, the tourists who recognized her while paying homage at "imagine" were VERY excited. The guitar-strumming local, however, did not seem impressed, and kept playing and "singing".

saw Spike Lee in paragon, near union square, on Saturday 6/24. he was by himself, and coming up the stairs from the basement, carrying a big shopping bag, so guess he got some new shoes! he looks exactly like he does on the red carpet and in interviews.

on friday, june 24th, saw Mickey Rourke on lexington bet 34th & 33rd walking a dog. he looked almost like wildenstein, with so much botox & plastic surgery, walking with a short lady with red hair. they both looked strung out.

Mon, Jun 27, as i crossed Spring st. to get to the subway, i passed heath ledger holding the hand of some tiny blond girl. he was shaven, which was a change since the last time i saw him in prague looking like the unibomber, but he still had shaggy unkempt hair. i don't get his appeal. they looked like they were in a hurry to get somewhere, perhaps away from the girls at the bar next door who were pointing.

Pride power table at Prune on Saturday night (6/25)! Sitting at the front window table were Hilary Swank, Chad Lowe, The L Word's Mia Kirshner, Director Steven Hopkins, and an unidentified gay power-couple. They had several rounds of drinks, small plates, and stayed until restaraunt closing around 1 AM. It was truly a million dollar sighting.

hey saw Sean Lennon on Fifth and 4 walking as confused as I was in the heat and then standing watching the Gay Parade. I bumped right into his chest cause I'm like 5"1 because these Muscle Queens were shoving to get to Christopher Street. Super Cool and nice.

sat 6/24: Freddie Prinze Jr and Sarah Michelle Geller with a couple and their baby at Bubbys (again).

Willem Dafoe at costume national today (6.27). I was looking at the shoes when a guy walking out of the dressing room caught my eye. that face is unmistakable. his hair looked rather red and it was on just above shoulder length and wavy. he was wearing a black T shirt and too large black pants. the saleswoman went to get him a smaller size.

Seen Saturday night, June 25, on the corner of 77th and Broadway: Fran Drescher (who certainly has put on some pounds!) turning to the friend she was strolling with and saying, "Hang on — I have to call David Arquette right now."

saw Juliette Lewis on orchard and rivington Friday 6/24; she had on this long, busy skirt that made her look like a raver.

I saw Janeane Garofalo walking three big dogs on 4th Avenue Sat 6/25. She's back to being a brunette and looks great.

Jimmy Fallon hurrying down 7th Ave, headed towards 13th St. on the evening of 6/24.

Saw Josh Hartnett in a little bar in the East Village after seeing his friend's one-man show which he also produced (Ham Lake). He was really friendly and down-to-earth, kind of nice to see after so many crazy celebrities.

I saw Ali G in central park on Friday June 24th. He was filming a bit for his show where he was dressed up as Borat, the clueless journalist from the state of Kazakhstan. He was running up to joggers and cyclists with an ice cream cone in his hand, presumably asking whether or not they wanted a lick.

Saw Paul Rudd (he of "Clueless" and "Friends") having a post Pride-parade drink with friends at Art Bar in the Village on Sunday night. Not too notable, except he was with his wife and baby who was wearing a onesie that read, "I'm not gay, but my boyfriend is." This kid should have no issues. Right.

on Saturday, 6/25 at 5:00 pm walking up Columbus at 79th Street was Matt Dillon with a too attractive girl for him. He was talking loudly & trying to be recognized by anyone. He had a wife beater showing his man boobs. After co-starring with Hohan, guess he's on his way to being the lesser Dillon.

Mon 6/27, Elizabeth Berkeley and husband Greg Lauren (actor, painter, nephew of Ralph) crossing Houston Street and walking towards Mercer. He's gorgeous while she looks overbaked in the sun. She was wearing one of those bright sundresses being sold at the corner of Wooster and Prince. Incidentally, my friend saw her buying several pieces of those sundresses a few weeks ago.

Saw Norah Jones with her songwriter guy at the Feist show at Bowery Ballroom on 6/25. Norah is tiny and cute and used the ATM.

saw corey feldman (?!) on sunday afternoon (6/26). the elevator door opened and an unappealing man walked out. my friend said "that was corey feldman, he just moved into our building." I thought he was some loser slumming on the LES. he was wearing a baseball cap, dark sunglasses, baggy knee length shorts, T shirt and loose fitting short sleeve shirt with lots of stubble. seemed as if he had a rough saturday night.

sat evening 6/24: adrock of the beastie boys walking with 2 women and his bike on hudson near Laight.

5am Saturday morning 6/25 spotted ja rule making out with some chick on the hood of his Porsche / Ferrari /really expensive car, 23rd street near 6th ave.

Saw John Legend and some of his entourage at Maroon's restaurant on 16th street. It was Father's Day and my mom and i had taken my dad out to savor some good ol' Carribean fare. And who should saunter in (taller than I thought) with perfectly groomed facial hair, but John Legend with 2 beefy looking security guys, an older guy and two not-so beefy looking security guys. It seems like they all ordered the Fried chicken and waffles combo. He was very gracious when a woman, who was also there with her mother and father, was leaving and telling him that she wanted to make his show yesterday (he performed at Summerstage the day before) and he said thanks so much, yeah it was really packed. I kept making eye contact, as he was sitting right across from me, but it could have been that he was just looking up and i was staring at him and was in his direct line of vision, as a matter of fact, i think that's what it was.