The Afternoon Cruise: Red Carpets, Motorcycles, And Manly, Manly Hugs

On days like today, the media-sensation-made-flesh known as Tom Cruise uses his mastery over the universe to defy our best efforts to contain his exploits in a single morning round-up. Above, our friends at Open All Night document last night's War of the Worlds premiere in LA, where Cruise terrorized the crowd by riding a motorcycle up and down the red carpet and aggressively hugging Will Smith. Fake-adoring fake-spouse-to-be Katie Holmes stood nearby and smiled in approval, probably glad to be momentarily free of Cruise's death-clinch.
· TV Newser reports that publicists pressured Today producers to edit Cruise's now-infamous sparring match with Matt Lauer. If what we saw was the edited version, the mind boggles at what psychiatry-baiting madness wound up on the cutting room floor.
· A reader e-mailed to tell us that "Tom Likes A He" is an anagram of "Katie Holmes." We don't know what that's supposed to mean, nor do we know what an anagram is. Is it like a female engram?
· Cruise holds forth on his favorite drug on The Early Show: "Jess, it's a point of, you look at something and you go OK. I've been on the other side of that, when people's lives have been torn apart, where you talk about suicides, where we're looking at now Ritalin is street drug; it's a study drug, because it's an amphetamine. Look, you don't have to believe me. I'm just saying, look at the data and where does that data come from?"
· Yes, we have seen that e-mail going around that claims that a certain crazy-in-fake-love person often discussed in this space and another person were caught doing certain things by a concerned third party. And no, we don't think the e-mail is authentic. This concludes our Cruise coverage for at least the next fifteen to twenty minutes.