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On Wednesday, we alerted the masses to one Pogo Boy, who spends his days bouncing about Union Square in hopes of breaking his 90-minute pogo record and securing a few dollars from onlookers. We weren't sure if Pogo Boy was just some bored kid or a starving street urchin but, thanks to our attention, Mother of Pogo Boy has stepped forward:

While I appreciate the people looking out for homeless youngsters on the streets, and I was amused by the first pictures of Pogo Boy on Gawkers....this story happens to be a happy one. You would only have to talk to Pogo Boy himself for a few minutes to learn that it was his idea, he loves it, and begs Mom and siblings to take him to be "Pogo Boy". Background: He's 8yrs old. He is an established working actor with commercial and film credits. (Yes, he has an agent.) He has admired street performers for many years and wanted to be one himself. He found out that he was good at pogosticking..... and then the legend was born. He performs at Union Square, Time Square and Columbus Circle.

Hope that helps and that I cleared my name as the "nowhere-to-be-seen-mother". (He doesn't want me to cramp his style.)

Exhale. Now we know that Pogo Boy is not a homeless child, but rather a young man with a pogo stick and a dream. Here's to hoping he stars in his own made-for-tv movie. Warm fuzzies for all!

Pogo Boy's Mom Speaks! [Central Village]