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• We know that every time we write about Road Rules alum-cum-lad mag layoff Jake Bronstein, we encourage him — and that's not necessarily a good thing. Nevertheless, when a man makes dildos perfectly molded in the likeness of his own unit, we owe it to "the people" to provide coverage. And, if you just can't get enough, buy the damn things yourself. [TMI, debatably NSFW]
• Today in Gay: HomoToys, at last! [The Cool Hunter]
• Okay, maybe there's room for a little more Gay, especially when it's regarding an online asscrack competition. [Proceed at Your Own Risk]
• David Cross bears his soul, reveals plans to open a performance space on Orchard Street. Hipster stalking to follow shortly thereafter. [Bob and David]
• Feed Lindsay Lohan, because homegirl needs the carbs. [FeedLindsay]