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• "The journalist and the lawyer were fighting in my head," Time Inc. chief Norm Pearlstine tells the Times about the decision to hand over Matt Cooper's notes. Then, of course, while the ref's back was turned, the corporate exec rang into the ring and joined the lawyer to double-team the journalist, who was left unconscious and bloodied on the mat. [NYT]
• And the Journal realizes that actually, no, Time never published the name of the source. Duh. [Regret The Error]
• Two generals familiar with his thinking on the matter and four retired members of the intelligence community, one of whom worked on covert operations in Pakistan during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, and another of whom has seen the actual contract, confirm that Sy Hersh has signed a $750,000-$1 million deal to write a book for Knopf. Also, Keith Kelly reports it. [NYP]
• Class, class, newspapers, class. Times class, Journal, class. Reporters, bankers, New York, series, class class class class. [Slate]