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Per usual, we can't attest to whether or not this is actually a legitimate ad, but a reader with a Yahoo! Personals habit has alerted us to a very heartfelt listing:

I have been a small-time director in Hollywood for the past four years, recently starting my own production company. Just opened a New York division, so I will be spending a great deal of time in NYC. I have never spent much time in the city and am looking for a little fun. Is it true what they say about New York women?

Yes, it most certainly is true: It will cost you an expensive dinner just for the opportunity to be mercilessly judged by our skeptical eyes. But we're more interested in this earnest young director's identity — and that sort of tender, bright-eyed optimism just screams "Brett Ratner!" (The picture helps, too.)

Hollywood Hunk Seeks Starlet [Yahoo! Personals]