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Last night, 21.8 million viewers chose an evening watching C-list celebrities trip the dance-competition light fantastic over stepping outside to breathe the summer air and witnessed General Hospital star Kelly Monaco crush the twinkle-toed dreams of Seinfeld's J. Peterman (real name irrelevant) on the finale of Dancing with the Stars. But even in this moment of triumph, plain-brown-wrapper-loving sister site Fleshbot won't let Ms. Monaco forget her Playmate past, providing a handy round-up (link potentially not safe for work) of places where the former Grotto-dweller can be seen in her full, pre-Bavarian-waltzing glory. Get an eyeful now, before her victory catapults her from the soap-opera ghetto to a three-episode arc on Desperate Housewives, where Teri Hatcher surely needs a quickly-disposable rival with a spectacular—if aftermarket-installed—rack.