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· A little creeped out by Johnny Depp's Jacksony version of Willy Wonka? You can see Gene Wilder's somewhat less unsettling portrayal tonight at CineSpace's Dinner and a Movie.
· If we weren't already headed to the Viper Room to hear Deathray (we swear they're the new Cars, Ric Ocasek-produced Weezer records be damned), we'd probably be reliving our headbanger past at the Judas Priest/Queensryche show at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. Or we'd be at Spaceland taking in some Tsar.
· Celebrate Ringo Starr's 65th birthday (yes, he's still alive—for shame!) with a screening of A Hard Day's Night at the Egyptian Theater, including Things They Said Today, a documentary on the making of AHDN.
· Scandinavian psychedelic jam-rock? Yes, please. Dungen plays the Troubadour.
· Tilda Swinton fans rejoice, for the actress will introduce the Outfest screening of the mockumentary Kiki and Herb Reloaded at the Regent Showcase.
· The Henry Fonda hosts the 2005 Smiths/Morrissey Convention...if this is the kind of thing you'd be interested in on your own, there's nothing more we can say to sell it to you.
· Flick an extended middle finger to the Fantastic Four (what, are we on a crusade or something?) and take in a documentary. March of the Penguins or Murderball will do nicely.