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We're hardly halfway through our latest pack of Ortho (yes, we're using the royal "we," because everyone at Gawker is either a woman or gay and on womanly hormones) and already we're perusing online baby store Buy Buy Baby. We blame a reader, however, for our latest maternal obsession: The gift registry for skank-chic actors Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger of Brooklyn, NY. You can buy Mommy Michelle a Breast Friend pillow in a lovely shade of "stonewash," or, if you're feeling particularly generous, why not splurge and pick up the Volo Stroller in peony — a steal at $99.99.

While we're of the mind that nothing on that nothing on the internet is real anymore, the items requested are incredibly normal and unassuming (of course they'd want Baby Einstein DVDs); more importantly, someone has apparently purchased the $729.99 black Bugaboo Frog stroller and the white brass crib for $1,099.99. So, if this registry does not, in fact, belong to Heath and Michelle, then the anonymous new parents behind this list certainly have a sense of humor — show them your appreciation and buy them the Level 2 wide neck nipple, won't you?

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