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Last night, we got a strange little email from one claiming to be Fabian Basabe. Our jaded souls snickered — hell, we've been for two years now, so we've no reason to believe much of anything that comes in our inbox. Nevertheless, we read the email (we are nothing if not hopeful children, wishing for golden nuggets of email truisms), in which Fabian wanted to give us a heads-up on something that would be running in Page Six today:

I had an incident this weekend where I was definitely not myself. I was at the Star Room in East Hampton, had a few too many, was hanging from the rafters, and was eventually thrown out. I make no apologies for all of that, but I regret what happened next.

When a bouncer wouldn't let me retrieve my things, I referred to him as a "negro." It is not a word that I ordinarily use, and being drunk was no excuse. It was tasteless, stupid and insensitive, and while intending to insult one person, I affected a much larger range of people and I know this.

Anyway, as Hugh Grant famously said after his peccadillo a decade ago, "I did something completely insane." I sincerely apologize to all I offended and hope that people understand the context of stupidity in which the comment was made.

Lo and behold, today's Page Six did, indeed, run the story of Fabian going practically batshit at the Star Room. So, in a rare act of kindness, we have to hand it to Basabe for sending us a preemptive email. And, really, we understand his plight. Gosh, it was just last summer that we got so hammered at Jet East that we ripped the canary diamond earrings out of ears and chucked them at a bartender for serving our mojito with only four springs of mint instead of five. That jackass was so tan, we just went ahead and called him "beaner" before running him over in our H2. Long story short: We've all been there, Fabian.

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