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Despite whatever fallacies you may have been forced to endure during your youth, we're happy to announce that cheaters do, in fact, win. (Those of you who went to boarding school probably already knew this.) We're not quite so happy, however, to announce that the new maxim of victorious cheaters extends to Bauer Publishing's glossy toilet paper, Life & Style:

Bauer Publishing's Life & Style announced it will raise its rate base to 500,000 from 350,000 effective Sept. 1, a 43 percent increase.

The magazine will also obtain an additional 50,000 racks, bringing the total to 160,000 nationwide.

"Life & Style has created a brand new niche in the weekly category with its blend of celebrity news and lifestyle trends," said Rosanna Giacalone, publisher of Life & Style. "Consumers are fascinated by celebrity lifestyle trends, and Life & Style shows readers how to create and buy them."

Given their talent for cutting-and-pasting celebrities into convenient, completely false cover shots, we'd have to emphasis the "create" part of that statement.

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