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• The Emmy nominations were announced this morning, and Desperate Housewives tied Will & Grace for the lead, with 15. Marcia Cross, Teri Hatcher, and Felicity Huffman, are up for best actress; Eva Longoria and Nicolette Sheridan are not. But we're sure that won't cause any tension. [NYT]
• At least there's one upside to prison: "The New York Times and Miller will cleanse themselves of their WMD sins," says Margaret Carlson. There must be an easier way. [LAT]
• An ailing Peter Jennings, once a longtime ABC correspondent in London, played a big role in last week's bombings coverage. [USAT]
• Martha Stewart to write how-to business book. No. 1 tip: Don't piss off Doug Faneuil. [NYP]
• We hate ourselves for this, but we can't resist pointing you to Greta Van Susteren's yacht. [Tamby Bay Illustrated via TVNewser]
• Americans actually don't hate anonymous sources nearly as much as Plame prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald wants you to think they do. [AJR]