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We suggested yesterday that society accessory and downtown gadabout Moby is a dedicated doglover. We even had some strong photographic evidence to back us up. But a vigilant reader — who we're assuming isn't some snot-nosed NYU kid "testing" us — begs to differ:

So I was at a hipster animal shelter (aka BARC in Williamsburg) when a certain bald-headed, vegan star returned the dogs he adopted months ago back the shelter. He was arguing with the employees about how his "rock star lifestyle" interfered with his ability to adopt dogs. Needless to say, the shelter workers didn't take too kindly to his return of the dogs. They lectured him about responsibility, etc., but all he could come up with was lame excuses relating to his "rock star lifestyle". Yeah, Teany really rages.

Shh! Just the other night, we overheard him whispering to some little girl, "Don't ever say 'Teany really rages.'" Really.

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