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Yesterday's Emmy nomination for Desperate Housewives in the comedy category immediately provoked debate about whether the show belonged in a group with Scrubs, Will & Grace, Raymond, and Arrested Development, especially among comedy showrunners whose babies are about to snuffed by the ABC juggernaut. When we saw this Reuters piece on the debate this morning, we remembered that we'd engaged in virtually the same, serious discussion of proper Emmy genre-slotting with Jessica Coen, the esteemed mediawhorerunner at Gawker, via IM:

JessicaGawker: DespHousewives is a comedy?
JessicaGawker: i didn't know they did hour long single cam comedies about murder
MarkDefamer: yup! ABC is greedy
MarkDefamer: it was a comedy at the Globes too
JessicaGawker: so odd
MarkDefamer: but Lost has no shot at drama
JessicaGawker: true
JessicaGawker: but DH is NOT A COMEDY
MarkDefamer: it's a better comedy than Will and Grace
MarkDefamer: i'll laugh at dead babies before Cher jokes
JessicaGawker: true.

Finally, detente! Will & Grace isn't funny.