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Now that Wedding Crashers has finally opened, the promotional push that's provided so many gleeful opportunities to bask in StallionMania™ will fall away abruptly, leaving us only with our Butterscotch flavored memories of the past few weeks until he once again gallops into our lives. (Of course, we promise to keep hope alive through sightings and other tidbits as they happen.) It seems fitting to handle the transition in that most time-honored of blog forms, the round-up. Tons of new StallionMania content after the jump:

· Pictured above: iFilm has crashing tips straight from the Stallion's mouth.
· More from Rolling Stone: "He is, he says, primarily an ass man. 'It seems to me if a girl has a good ass, she has a good body,' he's saying, 'but I'd almost just as soon not have sex if you're going to have to wear one of those, even though it's hard to find the moral high ground when making that argument to a girl. Anyway, there are other ways.'"
· "We were preparing to speak with CHRIS TUCKER, who was hovering around Mr. Wilson's table when we approached. But suddenly Mr. Wilson, who is known as "The Butterscotch Stallion" in blind items and on the Los Angeles-based gossip blog "Defamer," stood up." StallionMania hits the NY Times.
· A reader gives us the Windy City Stallion report: "Owen Wilson was on WGN news in Chicago this morning promoting Wedding Crashers and one of the anchormen brought up the nickname. He joked that maybe there's someone else with the nickname Butterscotch Stallion and that guy was a 'freaky bastard.' Owen then went on to say that the only thing he does with a woman in bed that lasts longer than '8 minutes is watch Sports Center.'"
· Another reader on Wilson's appearance on KROQ yesterday: "Funny that Vince Vaughn mentioned that dealing with Owen Wilson is like being a jockey; you just have to hang on for the ride. This is almost the exact quote that Owen used this morning on KROQ's Kevin and Bean to describe what it is like to work with Mr. Vaughn."