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When paramedics dug through the rubble of the collapsed building on the Upper West Side last Thursday, they found 7-month-old Abby Lurensky. Lurensky was initially "unresponsive," but quickly determined to be in good health because of her stroller, which folded around her and protected her from the debris:

But she was largely unhurt, thanks to the cover from the shower of debris provided by her Mountain Buggy Urban Double Stroller and to her attentive nanny, Brunilda Tirado.
Paramedics said Abby might have died if not for the protection of her stroller.

Maybe Mountain Buggy's parent company, Sycamore Kids, should rethink their voluntary recall on Friday of approximately 2200 strollers with harmless handlebar issues. These things have been tested in a collapsed building, for chrissakes — just keep quiet about the other stuff, right? Do you care about the comfort of your hands, or your baby's life?

Now go call your broker. Strollers are the new pharmaceuticals.

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