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By popular demand, we're doing our best to focus for more than 2 minutes and direct our attention to this weekend's Modern Love column in the Times. We wanted desperately to take the side of the nanny, who was fired after her employers had enough of reading about her not-unusual exploits on her blog — but that would've been too easy, to simply side with the little guy, maligned by rich, nanny-employing overlords. Instead, Helaine Olen's essay about reading her nanny's website had us thinking a few things:

1. Why would you be stupid enough to tell your boss about your blog?
2. Knowing that your boss knows of your blog, why would you be so stupid as to write about your boss and do so during working hours?
3. Helaine Olen was far, far too kind.
4. This newly unemployed blogger probably shouldn't apply for a gig at Random House.

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