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You've probably noticed our recent media-softball obsession. So, too, have the good people of The Onion, who then went and challenged us to a game. There was lots of emailing back and forth, many schedules checked, and Wednesday, July 27, was settled upon as a date that worked for both the Onionians and Team Gawker Media.

Then we realized a big problem: We're a bunch of lazy alcoholics who rarely leave the house, and they're a bunch of lazy Midwesterners who don't yet understand the ways of the big city; none of us had the foresight way back when to actually procure a field. So that's what we need: A place to play.

If you've got a field we can use that night, let us know. Manhattan is ideal, and Brooklyn is acceptable. We're willing to schlep out to East Hampton if someone can get us into Jerry Seinfeld's Little League stadium, and we'll go to Bedford if we can use Steve Brill's backyard diamond. Suggestions of field-finding strategies are quite welcome, too. (We're looking at you, Coach Dellinger.) Donations gratefully accepted at

What's in it for you, other than doing your media mitzvah for the week? How's this: If you give us the field, you know where we're playing. And if you know where we're playing, it's your rare chance to come and make fun of us.

Team Onion Softball
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