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In a rare move certain to assert its relevancy amongst the under-25 crowd, the NY Sun dips into MTV's Sunday Stew and comes out with a mouthful of the Andy Milonakis Show:

Picture the following scenarios: 1) Andy thanking random Lower East Side seniors for their tapioca pudding; 2) Andy speaking to his dog as his dog dreams of shooting him; 3) Andy placing a delivery for Chinese food, and being bound to a chair with peanut butter on his face when the delivery man arrives; 4) Andy accidentally cutting his finger off while chopping vegetables and then taping it back on.

And yet the Sun deems this quality entertainment as "annoying?" So much for that youth appeal thing. Then again, there's no real loss — it's not like anyone under 40 is reading the Sun to begin with.

The Blog Tube [NY Sun (reg. req'd)]