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Jude Law's recent confession to having an affair with his nanny didn't just destroy the confidence of his fianceé Sienna Miller; it also shattered the faith of nanny-employing mothers everywhere. What if the nanny is so hot, it's simply inevitable that your husband will throw her against the foyer wall and do her like she's never been done before?

"I would not be comfortable having a gorgeous nanny," admits New Yorker Eileen Kelly, a mother of twins. "How do you know she's not the next Amy Fisher? You don't know her, and you have no idea what kind of wily plans she might have."

How very true. Any nanny who's even slightly attractive is clearly a husband-fucking varmint, only in your home to debauch your children and destroy your marriage. Besides, everyone knows that the best domestic servants are the ugly ones. It's God's way.

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