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As New Yorkers (or, more likely, tourists) continue to ogle at Calvin Klein's Super Fantastic Live Billboard Adventure, a reader is reminded of an overheard conversation during last week's sample sale at Hollywould:

Model 1: So I have to do this live CK billboard thing in Times Square and I have to be playing a guitar or dancing or something; I'm so embarassed. They want all the original people from the old billboard so I have to do it.
Model 2: How much are you getting paid?
[whisper whisper]
Well, it could be worse. I did [muffle] last week for $200.
Model 1: Yeah, we'll probably just get drunk first.

Fair enough: We usually get drunk too before we have to "touch it" for $200. But to pose in the Super Fantastic Live Billboard Adventure while intoxicated is taking things a bit too far. We're buying into heroin-hotness, not boozy-hotness. Unless those models are wobbling about exclusively because of a syringe in their arm, we're inclined to deem this whole boondoggle a demonstration in false advertising.