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The prep-loving homos are getting restless. "I need closure to the question surrounding the identity of our favorite 23 year old aristocrat from CL," begged an e-mail from West Chelsea, with what we heard in our head as those verbal italics. "Please oblige."

Of course the emailer needs closure. You would, too, if confronted with the allegedly rich, allegedly 23-year-old, allegedly blond-and-blue jock boy we noted trolling Craiglist for some regular dl lovin'. Problem is, we got received no good guess. A few respondents suggested Paris Latsis, but, while we see the amusement value in Miss Hilton cavorting with a queer, he doesn't fit any of the criteria. The other suggestions were no more inspiring, the usual (and mostly too old) suspects: a certain WABC weatherman, a certain CNN anchor, and scattered single votes for young heirs.

All this leads us to one of two conclusions. Either this horny hottie is as successful at maintaining his cover as he thinks he is (which seems unlikely, given the venue in which we found him), and therefore no one knows. Or else, as we sort of think, it's a fake ad, manufactured to be the crusing-on-Craig's ideal.

Imagine that: Fake details in an online personal. The mind reels.

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