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In the interest of healthy debate, Defamer is committed to dedicating a small amount of blogspace to the opposing viewpoints of its readers. Late yesterday, a reader wrote in to offer a dissenting voice to counterpoint our continuing coverage of superproducer Jerry Bruckheimer, the man behind such high-grossing entertainments as Pearl Harbor, Armageddon, and roughly 85 percent of CBS's primetime television programming. Say what you will about Bruckheimer, but his movies transcend the language barriers that often interfere with universal enjoyment of the cinematic experience:

I´m writing about an article that was written about Jerry Bruckheimer- "Jerry Bruckheimer: Enemy of Words,Thinking". It seems that you people don´t respect experts like Jerry Bruckheimer. If that´s the case that´s fine- i respect it but what a pitty- you have no idea what the word cinema means. But, because i like to share my inteligence i´ll tell you what it means- it means satisfiing the audience´s taste, it means giving to people that they want to see. Professionals like Jerry Bruckheimer khow how to entertaine the audience. And that´s why is one of the most sucsecfull producers of all time!!!! And that´s why his movies and his series are the most seen!!!!!

Michael Bay