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Great news, everyone: Newsday's do-it-yourself entertainment section, Impulse!, has a sparkly new batch of writers ready to bridge and tunnel their way in from Great Neck and cover NYC's newest hotspots. On the matter of Spring Street's Green Room venue, John Cucci (above left and, interestingly, of Manhattan) can't quite decide whether the venue is a lounge or a club — an important distinction necessary for anyone to actually enjoy themselves. Dave Aakus (above center, also of Manhattan — are these guys writing for Newsday for Ma's sake?) is a fan of Brooklyn's Savalas bar, which is "vibrantly laden for the energized ones." You know what he means, right? And, on matters of the mighty inconspicuous East Side Company bar, Caroline Fallon (above right) grades the joint a solid B, perhaps because it's "a little out of the way" from her home in Breezy Point. We completely agree.

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