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More bad news from across the pond: It's being reported that three subways stations in London have been evacuated and there is possible some sort of bus incident on Hackney Road. Reports are beyond sketchy, but apparently there were gunshots heard on the platform of the Warren station (which, located in central London, is very close to the Kings Cross station where last week's trauma went down). One London outlet is reporting that a passenger has phoned in to say that some sort of "nail bomb" on went off on a platform, while another report claims that a passenger was wearing a backpack that may have exploded and then filled the train with smoke.

American outlets are quick to say that all the "action" is still underground, so not much is confirmed other than the closings of three stations. If the three stations and one bus were attacked, it would mirror the suicide bombings occuring in London two weeks ago. And so the international freak-out justifiably continues.

Update 8:41 Hammersmith, Victoria, and Northern lines are closed right now. More confirmations that near Kings Cross/Warren Street, a young man was seen wearing a rucksack, which then exploded.
Update 8:46 Early BBC report is up, but giving less details than the Today show. Katie Couric and Matt Lauer are redeemed for one day.
Update 8:49 Drudge still has a polar bear claw, but UK authorities are confirming that there are "suggestions of bombs." Yeah, we'd think an exploding backpack would suggest that sort of thing.
Update 8:55 NBC London correspondent says "one injury," 2 minutes later Katie Couric says "one death." She corrects herself 1 minute later. It's like a scary game of telephone.
Update 9:07 Drudge finally acknowledges London, doesn't remove polar bear picture. AP begins reporting.
Update 9:20 A witness on the Oval Line reportedly saw a man run into the car, throw a black bag which then began making "popping" noises, and then run away. Nevertheless, this incident thankfully seems to be on a smaller scale than that of July 7; our man in London says things "don't look that bad."