Since our trust in Matt and Katie and the Today gang is slowly waning, a reader in London emails with the local BBC reports:

University College Hospital has apparently been flooded by police, possibly because a suspect's gone in there for treatment. Police tape up all over the place.

The Warren Street tube is getting reports of a guy's backpack making an exploding noise (possibly while still ON HIS BACK), splitting, and then smelling awful. Then the train pulled into the station and they all ran for it.

The 26 bus had a backpack left on the back seat, and some people are saying that the windows are blown out at the back of the bus.

Oval, it sounds like some guy made a run for it, leaving a rucksack behind?

Shepherds Bush, no idea, but I live about a minute away and we're getting no sirens or ambulances or anything. It's the Hammersmith and City branch of Shepherds Bush, though, NOT the more active hub on the Central line. Above ground, though.

The Tube workers are apparently getting some sort of message that the explosions are due to nail bombs which had detonators (hence the loud noise) but no explosives, so it just sounded like a firecracker and then smelled horrendous. They're saying "dummy nail bombs".

There are general reports of panicky-looking young asian men (late teens, early 20s) being chased out of tube stations by fellow passengers?

That's about it. Let's do this again, shall we? In a fortnight, then. Bah.

We feel so news-y right now. Maybe we really are in the bizarro 8th dimension!

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