Fox Fails To Properly Renovate Family

According to the Illinois Daily Herald, one family is finding out that camera-friendly Hollywood set building techniques might not hold up to real-world use, and suing Fox because their Renovate My Family makeover didn't exactly make their home more handicapped-friendly for their recently paralyzed son:

Instead of a handicapped-friendly home that made their life easier, they got a shoddy wreck of a house that latest estimates say will cost $350,000 to fix, the Rosiers’ attorney, Mark Belongia, said.
“Essentially what they did is build a movie set,” Belongia said.
Wiring remains exposed; door knobs are round, impossible for Steven to grasp; a dryer is vented into the home rather than out of it; smoke detectors don’t work; plywood covers basement windows; siding and plumbing was improperly installed; the furnace has no foundation and is stuffed in a crawl space and sod was installed directly over limestone paving, Belongia said.
[...] Among the other problems is an “endless” pool installed in Steven’s room intended for therapy.
“It was so powerful it forced him under and almost drowned him,” Belongia said. His mother had to rescue him, he said.

The family was also distressed that the show's producers insensitively chose to replace the family's den with a "Trampoline and Half-Pipe Extreme Fun Center" on the basis that "that X-games stuff looks totally awesome during the big reveal."

[Bonus: If you go to the Renovate My Family site, click on "Families" and then "Rosier," you can see pictures from the least until the lawyers decide to take them down.]