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• How to solve many of clubland's problems: The Guid-o-meter, patent pending. [Clubland]
The L calls Chuck Klosterman's new book " a dismal, shoddy piece of work." Which, given their standards, might be a compliment. [The L]
• Seth Mnookin changes subtitle, appends corrections, and adds an afterword by the author in forthcoming paperback version of Hard News. But where will he put corrections to the afterword? [E&P]
• Bonnie Fuller's memoir finally has a pubdate (April 11, 2006) and an official title, "The Joys of Much Too Much: Go For the Big Life — The Great Career, The Perfect Guy and Everything Else You Ever Wanted (Even If You're Afraid You Don t Have What It Takes." At 33 words, that title would be feature story in her last few magazines. [WWD (second item)]
• Socal burger joint Fatburger invades the tristate area. We'll stick with the Corner Bistro, at least until In 'N' Out gets here. [Bergen Record]