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Nadine Haobsh, aka the writer behind blog Jolie in NYC — who, after much speculation, was outed as a beauty editor from Ladies Home Journal — dropped us a line yesterday. As we mentioned before, we had simply emailed Haobsh months ago asking where she worked and, when she said LHJ, we shrugged (plus, she said she couldn't get us any Creme de la Mer). She writes:

I wasn't fired from LHJ, despite what's [being] reported. I received a new job offer from Seventeen [Wednesday] (as beauty editor), and so gave LHJ notice. When the story broke [Thursday], however, Seventeen rescinded the offer. The Post is doing a story on it [today], and I cooperated because I wanted my side told as best I could (I'm sure they'll spin it, but you know how it goes).

But of course. According to the Post, Haobsh "lost not one, but two enviable publishing jobs." It's just like them to skew working at either publication as enviable.

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