We're on the edge of our seat. Will Shortz has the "brains" category wrapped up in our Men of the Times contest, and, as of Friday afternoon, we thought Warren St. John held a similarly safe "body" lead. Things seemed that way through yesterday, too. But then overnight all hell broke lose.

We woke up today to discover a huge Nick Confessore surge, putting the preppy wonk about a hundred votes ahead of the ur-metrosexual at noon. But then St. John spent the afternoon closing that gap. We checked in around 5 p.m. and discovered — of all things — a tie. This is amazing. Such drama, such suspense, such wow.

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Tonight feels like November 7, 2000, all over again, and we fully expect we'll once again go to bed thinking one man has won but wake up to discover a different victor. Of course, this time it doesn't matter which way things go; neither man, should he win, will end up fucking us over.


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