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It looks like Bruce Willis made the "great and interesting" cut at the Tropicana bar at the Roosevelt, which might currently hold the title of "most celeb-infested liquor hole in all of Hollywood." From Page Six:

On Friday, Willis was at a cabana in the Tropicana at the Roosevelt Hotel in L.A. with 20 pals when the subject turned to pickup lines. Willis looked at a woman, a sophomore in college, and said, "What are your plans for sex tonight?" But Willis' lawyer, Marty Singer, said, "Bruce was joking around with some friends and talking about pickup lines. One remembered an old pickup line [Willis] used to use. The friend said the line and Bruce may have repeated it, but he was not trying to pick up the woman." Still, the woman was "grossed out" and left the cabana.

See, Bruce and the boys were just screwing around! No one was actually trying to get laid, but if a 20-year-old got "grossed out," "somehow" got a hold of Willis' room key, then later "spent the night talking about the craft" with a "man old enough to be the father that withheld his love, causing her to move to L.A. to pursue her dreams to prove him wrong," that's hardly the fault of a hackneyed pick-up line.

Also: Nothing keeps your hot new club in the tabloids like a lesbian catfight. The Roosevelt's flacks really deserve a raise.