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• Pity the fool who crosses the Robin to Lizzie Grubman's Batman. After his former client, Miami's Shelborne Hotel, reneges a free offer and ends up charging several luminaries for their hotel rooms, Jonathan Cheban uses Page Six to fight for the common man. No one will charge the Olsen twins $6000 dollars in hotel fees and get away with it! [Page Six]
• Supermodel Kate Moss is spotted out on the town with Johnny Knoxville. Not spotted: Moss' maybe-fiancé Pete Doherty, Knoxville's wife, or Jessica Simpson. [R&M (2nd item)]
• For an astronomical fee, Rudy Giuliani will gladly go to the site of terror attacks and comfort the locals. The question is, can you afford his affirmations of courage? [Scoop (2nd item)]
• Maybe it's just us, but we find it strangely amusing that director John Singleton is meeting with Paramount execs about hustlers selling pirated DVDs of his movie Hustle & Flow. [Lowdown]