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It's a tough time to be an aspiring public intellectual. You've got the master's, you've got the recognized byline, and you discover those things qualify you for what exactly? To be lefty pundit Eric Alterman's researcher/secretary. According to an email forwarded to us last night:

Seconds ago, I received two weeks' notice from my senior research assistant who works somewhere between half and full time for me, doing mostly historical research for my books, but also a bit of clerical work and helps me a bit with planning my teaching, writing and speaking schedules. I'd really like to have someone in place by the time he's gone. If you are interested, please apply ASAP to [redacted], but do not send me your resume as an attachment. I won't open it. Sorry I can only reply to those emails I want to pursue. If you don't hear from me, it's a "no." Please apply only if:

a) You have at least a master's degree in American history or a closely related field like American studies, or, you have at least two years experience as historical researcher or editor or as a particularly impressive intellectually-oriented journalist on say, a Matt Yglesias or SARAH WILDMAN level (which means I should already be acquainted with your work).

b) You already live, or will be living, in or around New York City two weeks from today.

c) You can make a commitment to work 20-40 hours a week at least until Labor Day

d) You are independent, efficient, grown-up, well-organized, and discrete.

The worst part is that we have no doubt there'll be lots of competition.

UPDATE: As we suspected might be the case, this note got forwarded around for a while, and Alterman just informed us the job is long-filled. On the upside, that means you have plenty of time to finish your dissertation before his next round of hiring.

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