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An anonymous 4 Times Square denizen with far too much time on his hands — don't they all have too much time on their hands? — deciphers for us the situational realities underlying the Women of Conde Nast nominations:

You said: "We've noticed a strong tilt toward New Yorker folks." The reason: the only straight men in the building work at either Wired, Vanity Fair or the New Yorker. About three people work for Wired, so forget them. Of the 15-20 or so straight men at VF, half are older, married or don't read Gawker, and the rest are too lazy to vote. Then there's the elevator factor. Both the New Yorker and VF are cloistered in the 17-26 bank, which means we have very little contact with actual Conde Nast hotties, most of whom work in the 4-16 bank (all the fashion books). Sure we have a handful of literary hotties, including a certain fact-checker at the NYer who once dated Steve Martin, but on the whole, these are not the droids you're looking for. The only contact us south-bank straight men have with actual, Lucky-reading, pointy-shoed "hotties" is in the cafeteria. I'm sure every guy has his cafeteria crush — but very few of us actually know names or mags to put to the faces. For instance, there's one stunning asian-ish girl I've seen every other day for years, and I'm only half-sure at this point if she works for House & Garden.

Duly noted.

And, meantime, if you're an Asianish girl at House & Garden looking to snag the rare straight man in the building, let us know. Sounds like this dude will never work up the nuts to say something to you on his own.

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