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Anything good — hell with good; anything successful — must be copied ad nauseum, and so today's Post brings news that Rolling Stone frontman Jann Wenner will become the latest mogul to rip off Donald Trump's The Apprentice. Janny-boy is in talks with MTV Networks to create the show, in which he'll star, reports Krazy Keith Kelly.

Insiders say the basic plot will involve a team of young rock journalist wannabes who are sent out across the country to cover stories with the aim of getting an article published in the magazine — and landing a full-time editor's job.

We're sure every horn-rimmed Omaha male between 16 and 30 is hard at work on his audition tape right now, but we're worried that they might be rushing into this endeavor too quickly. Conflating Almost Famous with real life, they're probably under the mistaken impression that Wenner is a friendly, avuncular boss, a fun guy who looks out for his employees. It's falling to us, we realize, to disabuse them of that notion. As media-world folks know — and as David Carr suggested on Monday — Jann is, more often than not, an evil tyrant with a proposenity for sudden firings, a shocking cheap streak, and, perhaps most famously, a neurotic fetishization of cleanliness.

Worked for Jann and have a favorite story? Let us know: We'll publish a compilation later in the week, so those Omaha kids can know what they're up against.

Because that's why we do things here: For the children.

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