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The latest issue of Hollywood Momentum, the Self magazine of those intimately familiar with their bosses' dry-cleaning services, has landed on our e-doorstep. Imagine our delight when we discovered this nugget in this week's "Spotlight On" feature:

Best Hollywood moment: A few years ago, I called around to some production companies to drum up business as a freelance script reader. When I called the number I had for The Robert Evans Company, the person who picked up was actually Robert Evans — and he was totally cool! He didn’t need a script reader, but was very gracious about it and thanked me for calling.

At first, the eager young job-hunter was skeptical that she was speaking with the real Robert Evans. But when the voice on the other end of the line suddenly deepened into a lascivious purr and asked, "Hey, tomato, while I got you on the line, what are you wearing?" she knew that she was conversing with the authentic item, and a touching Hollywood memory was born.