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After perusing this morning's item about Steve Guttenberg's bravura performance at the TCAs, a couple of readers wrote in to question The Goot's knowledge of world history, spotlighting his claim that he doesn't work because of the "tough commute" from Czechoslovakia. One such e-mail went like this:

Has Steve Gutenberg been in a cryogenic freeze chamber since the 1980s? Czechoslovakia hasn't been a country since Cocoon: The Return.

Indeed, the Velvet Divorce, in which Czechoslovakia split into Slovakia and the Czech Republic, occurred in 1993. Guttenberg also said that he was attacked by fire ants on the set of The Poseidon Adventure and that he employs "four or five women" to warm his bed, claims that went unchallenged by the record-correcting readers. But as long as we're splitting hairs, the last movie Guttenberg starred in while Czechoslovakia was a country was Three Men and a Little Lady.

After the jump, another reader's (totally unverified, but nonetheless fun) secondhand tale of how The Goot (other acceptable spellings: The Gutte, The Güt, The Goethe) hijacked a spot within a Long Island family. Enjoy.

My friend's parents own an independent movie theater on Long Island and he premiered a film there a couple summers ago. The Gutte started hanging out with my friend's parents... dinner, movies, sailing, everything. They were inseparable, but to the point the my friend was getting ditched hardcore by her own parents. One night, her whole family was attending this big annual Gala for people in the indie-film industry. My friend and her sister arrive at the event only to find that The Gutte and The Gutte's sister took her and her sister's seats at the table with her family. My friend and her sister had to stand the whole time and then eat their dinner in the hallway!! Fuckin Gutte.