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This week's episode of ABC's documentary (which is marketing code for "reality show") Hooking Up, as far as we're concerned, is the last. After all, how many times can Intern Rachel bear to watch real women live out the predictable plot lines of a particularly intolerable episode of Sex and the City? Just like last week, your sister calls the shots after the jump.

The latest installment of Hooking Up brings a whole lotta cliché to the table, as if it needed any more.

Amy — who I'm not going to identify because, really, she's just like every other single woman who would willingly allow her dating life to be taped — is on her fourth date with David (again, not going to identify this fellow for similar, annoyed reasons), and she's not sure if she wants to do him. He takes her salsa dancing, which does the trick as Amy beds him shortly thereafter. "It's nothing we haven't done before," she says. Alright, so why you were debating banging him a few hours ago?

Three days later, David lets Amy know he's proud to have added her to his shag rotation. Classy. Amy's sister feels for her (because all sisters must do as such), but adds that she's still the "star" of the family AND has the better body of the two sisters. Cheer up! I'm so happy I don't have a sister right now.

Amy gives David a chance to redeem himself on another date, because she's retarded like that. Just prior to this, David tells the audience of his other lady friends by using dried fruit and nuts to represent them. In plastic containers. This dude is thus doomed, post show, to a life of dating the worst of Murray Hill.

Which you all saw coming, anyhow. This show is dead.