About time, huh? Here, at long last, is the Women of Conde Nast competition. There were many speedbumps to navigate on the way to this moment, from diffuse nomination patterns (lots of ladies had a handful of votes; very few were clear-cut favorites) to difficulty in finding usable pictures to larger structural questions on how to define our two balloting categories and distribute finalists between them.

But, willing as we always are to march into hell for a heavenly cause, we've wrestled this unwieldy beast into submission. Herewith, for your voting pleasure, we offer the Conde women. Reflecting the disparate conglomeration that is the house of Si, we've split things into Fashionistas and Literati. Cast a vote in each category, and check back Monday morning for the results.

If you can't decide, come back this afternoon. We'll have testimonials posted then.

Happy voting.

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